Thank you & well done 

Sometimes it is the most simple sounding 'thank you' that really makes the difference to your day, week, month or even more. Organisations around the world are filled with people doing amazing things, making other peoples lives easier and 'going the extra mile', however it is easy for these to go unseen or unrecognised.

Give your business the opportunity to flourish through feedback. 


Helping others say "thanks"

Creating a culture of feedback through peer to peer recognition provides the building blocks for great teams who achieve great things together.

With success rates of up to 7200% increase of positive peer to peer recognition, putting the 'Thank You' scheme in place provides the opportunity and platform for this free-flowing feedback to flourish.


Rewarding Behaviours

"It ain't what you do, its the way that you do it, and thats what gets results" Bananarama.

We often overlook behaviours in lieu of performance, however studies show the damaging effects this can have on team morale and dynamic, so why not measure it and reward positive behaviours?

DDR Learning can help you put in place meaningful behavioural measures and a transparent multiplier to allow you to reward the great behaviours that should go along with great performance.